My Friends Always Told Me That I am a Weirdo

Dina Mariana
3 min readNov 28, 2021


"You are not like the most people that I knew."

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

I don't feel like I am a weirdo, but many of my friends told me so. They told me that they had never seen a person like me. But, I don't feel like I am different from my friends.

My friends told me the indifference of how I think. They told me that when 24 y.o girls have already made money, they will spend their money on new gadgets, fashion, and other flashy things. I don't think that I need all of that. I have a phone; yeah, it's an old phone, but it's still working. Right now, I still don't need a new one, so I don't purchase it. Laptop? My company provides me with a good one, so I don't need to buy another computer. Smartphone? I already have one. Although my phone is an outdated version, it can meet my needs.

So, I don't need a new gadget for my life.

Before I work, I love to shop. I love to spend my money on flashy things. After I start to work, I know how hard to earn money, so I become a mindful person when I need to spend my money. I want to spend my money to make my life better. I spend it on things that I need not want.

I realized that after I started working and made money, I changed. My personality changed. I am not the same person as I was before I started working. I am not excited to spend my money. I am thinking like a hundred times to buy things. I am not excited when my friends ask me to go out. My friends told me that.

Yeah, I changed.

But I don't feel like it is not a bad one. I love the new me. I love how I changed into a quiet person. I love how I changed into a morning person. I love how I start to take a bath minimum of once a day.

Back then, my friends always told me that I could not take a bath for three days straight. But, I felt like it was not necessary to take a bath every day. I was too lazy to do that. I prefer to sleep more, even though it is just for another ten minutes or so.

I changed from not so healthy person into a gym freak and veggies lover. Back then, I hate to have sweat on my body. I hate to eat veggies. It doesn't taste delicious, and I don't understand why people eat those things.

Nowadays? I try to exercise every day except for the weekend and always eat veggies for my body. Almost all my friends ask me why I changed. I have become more content with my body right now, so I want to give my body everything my body needs.



Dina Mariana