How I Overcome My Hate Toward Veggies

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That was me before I knew the importance of my intake in my body, brain, and mental health. According to DW Documentary, our brain is affected by what’s on our plate. Maybe some of you ever heard or read that “We Are What We Eat”. At first, I thought it just a parable, or I don’t know, and I don’t ever think about that but right now I do really want to become a better person by changing what’s on my plate. My journey is not that easy though. I must change what's on my plate to healthier food from a person who really hates veggies and loves junk food so bad.

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My starting point of why I changed from a junk food lover to trying veggies is because I was sick, and I need to be operated on to cure my sickness.

Fast forward, I do really need to change my life because I really do not want to come to the hospital ever again. IT’S SUCKS! REALLY! It took me almost a whole month to recovery and I can’t open my mouth properly. It still sucks till now if I remembered it. But yeah, that’s my reason why I should change my plate starting from now on!

My relationship with veggies, as you guys know, is not that great. So, I want to befriend veggies first. Maybe just one veggie and my choice fell on kale. I bought a bunch of kale and cook it. Oh, I’m not that great cook either. But we live in this internet universe so people can do anything if they want to. I open my YouTube and looking for how to cook kale easily. I found that you can cook kale with chopped garlic, sesame oil, salt, and chili. That’s it. Just 5 ingredients. Garlic, sesame oil, salt, chili (but I’m not into spicy anymore so I’m rarely used to it), and kale. The 5 ingredients and 15 minutes are all you need to make changes on your plate. I cook the sauteed kale (tumis kangkung) and taste it. The feeling is not that bad, and I really like it. My friend suggests I add shrimp to my sauteed kale and bruhhhh you must make it! The taste was amazing! And that’s how I made friends with veggies.

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The next thing that I want to try is the veggies chicken soup. The veggies are various, such as carrot, broccoli, cabbage, peas, bean, corn, and chicken. I eat the veggies chicken soup with a happy smile. I can finally handle the variety of veggies. After almost 5 months of trying to eat more veggies, I decided to make some smoothies. The smoothies contain fruit and veggies. The first time I tried was using strawberry, spinach, and tomatoes. The taste was yummy though and I tried again using jicama, lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes and the taste was really sucks! I remind you to not ever trying it! After the bad taste, I came back with the strawberry recipe, but I want to try something new. “What should I add to my smoothies so my smoothies can be really yummy?” And I need to remind you guys, this is the 21st century all you need is your phone and the internet. I am looking for a simple recipe and I found the pineapple and veggies. I tried the pineapple with kale and spinach. And guess what? The taste was AMAZING! I read that pineapple can reduce the bitter taste of veggies thought. After I found this recipe, I am almost taking my smoothies in the morning after my yoga session.

Some of my recipes




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Dina Mariana

Write, Eat, Sleep

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